I have a perfectly working Canon Pixma MX340 Multi-Function Printer. I swapped out my Verizon Wireless Router, which necessitates reconnecting my printer.

My specific printer is no longer supported by Canon's "live" technician. All I can do is use their online support, which is not a live person. Online support requires me to use a USB port to re-sync my printer. My MacBook Air does not have a USB port.

So, I'm stuck. Canon will do NOTHING except offer a discount for me to purchase a new product. So here I am with a perfectly good computer, tons of ink, a MacBook Air, all the paper in the world and I cannot get the MacBook and printer to sync. Canon refuses to help.

They said, "We made a business decision to no longer support your printer.

The only choice you have is to become a part of our Discount Program to get a printer into your home though we cannot guarantee that your ink stock will work with the newer printer." I have many Canon products though will NEVER purchase another product from them again. The fact that they will not support their products is unconscionable!

User's recommendation: Be careful in buying Canon products because if you are lucky that your product lasts a long time you will find that you will have no support from them.

Location: Deptford, New Jersey

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